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Spread Awareness. Find a Cure. It all Begins with Hope.

We provide strength, hope, and joy to children who are fighting cancer.

Hope is the ability to believe that better things are coming and that there still remains light despite all the darkness . Let's help spread hope and as much happiness as possible to children through these tough times. By sending these fun-filled surprise boxes these children will have something to look forward to. We are committed to offering these brave warriors as much hope and support as we possibly can.


Hope In The Box consists of bringing relief to children and young adults battling cancer alongside their families. It will provide not only encouragement to those who have cancer, but to those loved ones who are with them day in and day out. It consists of a box designed as a superhero or the child's favorite character. It will be personalized with the child’s name. Each box will contain items selected for a specific age and gender depending on the child's wants and needs. It will be filled with toys, clothes, games, and other fun activities. It's more than just material things though; it's the love that's put into each one and the happiness that it will bring to our golden warriors.

You can make a difference.
No dollar amount is too little.
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