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About us

   Hope In The Box was created by me, Andrea Collazos, through the inspiration and help of a very special individual, Anthony Cordero. Anthony was diagnosed with a very aggressive pediatric cancer called Desmoplastic Round Cell Tumor at the age of 23. He is my hero and now my beautiful angel. He was the most inspiring young man you could ever meet and he had so much spirit and charisma. Anthony was the epitome of someone who never let hope slip away from his spirit! His fight and strength has inspired me more than anything.

   He was treated at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, where I'd go visit every so often. Anthony absolutely adored children and children loved him. He had a tendency to infect others with his love and courage. After spending time with him and all the children there I knew something more had to be done. Our babies are the future, but they depend on us to guide them and help them believe there's more beyond those hospital rooms. I needed to do more for these children.

   Last year, for Anthony's birthday I sent him a personalized box that was created and designed by me to look as The Hulk. With that smile that would light up any room I knew that was the idea I had been searching for. We both did. He expressed how incredibly happy it had made him and said, "Imagine how happy this would make a child!" That's when the idea blossomed as we both started to think of names for this project. Hope In The Box is the beginning of a life mission he left me with. A gift to say the least. He moved me in ways I can't begin to explain. He taught me how to find strength within me when at my lowest. How to find light in the darkest of times. He taught me how to believe in the impossible enough, in order for me to achieve it. It is with him, for him, and because of him that HITB is here today. 

Mission statement 

     My intention is to spread hope one box at a time. These fun filled boxes will provide each child with happiness, which in turn will boost up their confidence. Giving them a positive attitude towards their treatment and give them the drive to do their best. This gift will show them that they are not alone; it will give them motivation and support because no one has to fight alone. This right here is more than just a mission, this is my passion.

How to help

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Share a little, care a little, and give the gift of hope!

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